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ABC Format for Bonnies Retreat

Traditional Scots Irish, Ulster Scots music for the fife

I suspect the bar lines on this one might be a bit off. Give it a try and listen to the MIDI file. I'm sure there's enough here to figure it out by ear.

This tune is in D Major so all C's and F's are sharp (I've written this out below, so just play it as written and it should be fine).

If you need to check the fingering chart click here, this will open in a new window.

Low Half (played twice)
Play bars 1 to 8, then repeat 1 to 7 and play bar (8*) instead of bar (8) - then play the high half
(1) D E F# G
(2) A D' A G F#
(3) G F# E F# E D
(4) E' D' C# A A
(5) D E F# G
(6) A D' A G F#
(7) E F#' G' F#' E' 
(8) D' D' F#' 
(8*) D' D' 

High Half (played twice)
(17) D' E' F#' G'
(18) A' F#' D' B A
(19) D' E' F#' E'
(20) D' C# B A
(21) D' E' F#' G'
(22) A' F#' D' C# B
(23) A F#' G' F#' E'
(24) D' D'

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